Why Aubrey?

  1. As a caregiver, Aubrey has extensive lived experience. 

  2. Aubrey has been trained by world leaders in the FASD and NAS communities.

  3. Aubrey is passionate about creating a respectful environment for all parents; biological, adoptive, foster, and kinship.

  4. Aubrey is consistently working to find new resources for families by networking with local organizations and professionals.

  5. Aubrey provides simple and practical strategies that she uses in her own life.

  6. Aubrey is a life-long learner and constantly reading boring studies and the latest books so you don't have to!

  7. Aubrey uses laymen's terms that is easily understood by the audience.



Based in Cincinnati, but can be anywhere online.

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Educating communities about the impact that Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders have on society and partnering with families to help them be successful.