Advocacy Goals

I have many goals to improve services and support for families in SW Ohio who are impacted by an FASD.

  1. Demand empathy and support for biological mothers of children with prenatal alcohol exposure.  The goal is to SUPPORT the family, not to shame them.

  2. Establish a support group that meets monthly for caregivers of children exposed to substances in utero.  I want this group to meet near a bus line and have child care to make it accessible to all.

  3. Identify a clear method for caregivers of children suspected to have been exposed to alcohol prenatally to obtain a diagnosis. Currently there is no hospital consistently diagnosing children or adults in Cincinnati.

  4. Educate providers to ensure that children who may be living with PAE can be diagnosed even if the parents do not advocate for the diagnosis.

  5. Establish a required screening for FASD of all vulnerable children (multi-system youth, children in foster care, children with confirmed drug-exposure prenatally).

  6. Include prenatal substance exposure as an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE).

  7. Advocate for signage at locations that sell alcohol to warn of the dangers of drinking while pregnant.


Based in Cincinnati, but can be anywhere online.

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Educating communities about the impact that Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders have on society and partnering with families to help them be successful.